The Bob Graham 24 Hour Club

Help with Filling out the Ratification Form

Occasionally people have problems with filling out the ratification form. This page hopefully will guide you through the process.

Getting Started

Suitable Programs
The spreadsheet was originally written in Microsoft Excel but has been updated using OpenOffice. So either of those two programs will suffice as will LibreOffice and Numbers. Please make sure that you save the file as MS Excel 2003 format. Programs such as Preview do not allow you to make changes to the document so cannot be used.
What can I edit?
The only cells that you should change are those with a grey background. The other parts of the spreadsheet are protected.
Important information is in cells with a red background whilst cells with a green background indicate help text.

Filling out the form

Where do I start?
Go to the "Info" sheet and enter your personal details: name, address and so on in to the appropriate cells.
What date do I enter for my round?
The required date is that on which you complete your round. As an example: if you begin your round at 2000hrs on Friday 20th July and take 22hrs35mins then you finish at 1825hrs on the 21st July.
What's the next step?
The instruction block on the "Info" page indicates which of the four other sheets you should use. There are two options for both clockwise and anti-clockwise, chose the one that matches the order in which you visited Sergeant Man and High Raise. You should see that your personal details have been copied to the block at the top of the sheet.
How do I record the names of those who helped me?
This is split in to two groups: those who helped at road crossings and those who helped on the fells. For the first group there is a single block of cells - enter one name per cell. For the names of helpers on the fells there is one block of cells for each leg: again enter one name per cell. (There's only three cells per leg as a hint that large groups of helpers aren't in the spirit of the round)
How do I fill out the timings?
Down the left hand side of the sheet is the list of summits and road crossings. There are two values for each: hour and minutes. The timings must be in 24hr format so 10:30pm must be entered as 22 in the hour column and 30 in the minutes. You will know that you have entered the timings correctly when the cell to the right shows the difference between the current location and the previous one as a number of minutes - Moot Hall 0hrs00, Skiddaw 1hrs20 will show 80, etc.

Common Problems

Strange values appear in some cells. How do I get rid of them
As you proceed with entering your details the calculations are done in sequence. Since the calculations have to have some data to work on, temporarily incorrect values will appear. These will correct themselves as you progress.
I can't enter my name in to the name field at the top of the sheet.
Personal data is entered in the grey cells on the sheet named "Info".
Should I delete the sheets for the options I don't use?
No, there's no need to do this.
Why do you need to know my age, nationality and how many times I've tried before?
A bit of housekeeping really. We get asked things like "What's the average age of a BG completer?"; "What's the age of the oldest female completer?"; "What's the success ratio?"; "Am I the first completer from XXX?" So these just let us find these things out. They also help with the yearly summary posted on the News page.

Hopefully the above will help with the process of filling out the form. If you have any other questions or problems with the form then please contact the Membership Secretary, Bob Wightman, whose details are in the Contacts section.